LORIN OBERWEGER is a highly sought-after independent book editor and ghostwriter with almost twenty-five years experience in publishing. Her company, Free Expressions, offers intensive, deep craft workshops nationwide. She’s also known for her one-on-one story mastermind session for writers of all genres of fiction and creative nonfiction.

Lorin’s students and clients have millions of books in print and have been published by HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Disney, and many other presses. They have also gained representation with some of the industry’s leading literary agents.

An award-winning author, Lorin has co-written and ghostwritten eight books, several for New York Times bestselling authors of fiction and nonfiction. Her work, commissioned by major publishers, has received glowing notices from the New York Times, Kirkus Reviews, NPR, and others.

With bestselling author Veronica Rossi, Lorin is the author of the New Adult books, BOOMERANG, REBOUND, and BOUNCE, published by Harper/William Morrow under the pen name Noelle August.  The novels were praised by Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, among others, and BOOMERANG was chosen as a “new and notable” selection for Target Stores across the US.

 She is represented by Tracey Adams at Adams Literary and can be contacted at lorin@free-expressions.com.

WEBSITE: www.free-expressions.com


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Lesson Plan

Holding the River: Pacing


Effective pacing, like voice, can sometimes be an “I’ll know it when I feel it” proposition, but there ARE practical considerations in creating an efficient narrative flow. In this workshop, we’ll look at the issues of when to use exposition and when to employ more observable dramatic action; what kinds of scenes demand to be slowed down and savored and what scenes can be dispensed with more quickly; when--and if--we need aftermath or sequel scenes; and how to get a handle on the overall pacing of our novels, creating a sense of escalation and stronger drive as we move toward our story’s climax. Bring writing implements and expect to work hard and have fun.

The End is the Beginning



As writers, we’re often guilty of noodling around with our story openings FOREVER, but what about our endings? In this generative workshop, we’ll talk about—and play with writing—story endings that serve as a powerful target for the rest of your narrative. We’ll ask ourselves what makes for a potent and resonant ending. Other topics covered: how to weave all of your plot threads and plot lines together and how to decide on the order for doing so; how to decide on last images/last lines; how to bring things full circle from your opening; how to avoid disappointing the reader; and how to clarify and underscore your protagonist’s emotional journey at story’s end. Please bring a novel or picture book with an ending that really worked for you, your current work-in-progress, and a notebook or laptop (or both) for some writing of your own!

Unstuck in the Middle



This workshop will explore strategies to help keep promising early chapters from melting into a mushy middle. Topics include: vetting your premise to make sure it’s sound and can carry a story filled with escalating stakes and complications; developing fully formed characters whose backstories, desires, and motivations are powerful enough to support a compelling narrative; deepening and expanding conflict so that it’s capable of driving a novel; making certain the story operates at varying dramatic temperatures to ensure a vivid emotional experience for the reader; and more!

Deep Dive Into Scene Structure



Though many writers know the basics of scene structure, they fail to make their scenes do all the work they can do, taking the path of least resistance instead of challenging themselves—and their characters and stories—to greater heights. In this class, we’ll dig into the foundational element of story construction, the scene, and examine ways in which every aspect of the scene can perform multiple functions, creating richer and more dynamic moments that lead to a much more satisfying work.