"History matters each and every day... we are the history makers, the dreamers, and someday, hopefully, someone will tell a story about us..."

D. K. Marley, CEO of The Historical Fiction Company

When you love history, the sheer essence of immersing yourself into a story of past lives, something about their voices resonates into the present... and into the future. Here you can escape and connect with real people of the past, and sometimes imagined ones, whose stories bring you joy, courage, tears,
and a thread through time from one generation to the next.
Once upon a time there was a world with people like us...
full of love, hope, dreams, sorrows, sacrifice, and victory.

Relax. Open a book. Let history unfold.


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Book of the Year


"The Stars That Govern Us" by

J. R. Alcyone

A beautifully moving historical literary journey into the heart of heroes who saved the lives of children.

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